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Bedroom Cushions for Smart Kids and Fun Times

Calculating the square root of pi or taking on a challenging crossword puzzle might not be on your child's agenda this week but they can be next week. And they can be fun!

With these uber clever cushions from Gallop Lifestyle, that is. Neutral in colour but with so much to say, these cushions are sublime for any kid's bedroom. They're just a jumble of letters and numbers at first glance but look closer and there's lots to be discovered and deciphered.

The 'Numbers' pillow features the square root of pi. It's 3.14, for those who can't remember their high school maths, and these numbers are bolded throughout the square root and hence throughout the pillow. Way cool! The 'Old MacDonald' cushion (my fave) is just so brilliant. It features the nursery rhyme 'Old MacDonald' in its entirety and with no spaces. So it looks like a whole lot of random letters until you see the Old MacDonald has been highlighted and you pick up certain words like 'moo' and 'oink.' That's when it clicked for me and I started singing the song from the cushion. I imagine my daughter would love this pillow to bits and we'd have a fabulous time singing together!

As you can see, I'm totally bowled over by these sensational cushions. They're such a spectacular way to help children learn and grow their thinking and problem solving skills - right in their beds or on the sofa. They're also handmade in Nepal through Womanpower (a co-operative of Women's Entrepreneurs Assoc. of Nepal) using renewable paper fibres which are extra strong, durable and 'tree-free.'

Make your way to Gallop Lifestyle to purchase. Expect to pay $79 for a small cushion or $115 for large, plus postage. The easiest way to order from them is through their website. Alternately, they're more than happy to take your orders via phone or email if preferred.


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