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Portable Air Conditioners Offer Comfort and Convenience

A portable air conditioner has the great advantage that you can move it from one room to another. This is of course much more convenient than the standard air conditioner unit, because it gives you the option of mobile cooling.

And by portable I really mean portable. You can easily move it around the house, or there wouldn't be very much point in designing it, would it? Regarding the differences between the portable air conditioner and the standard one, they are as follows:


The portable air conditioner relieves you from having to make a hole in your apartment. This is a serious issue for people who take very seriously the design of their apartment and can't suffer scenery spoilers.

Then, you are not forced to buy a separate air conditioner for each wall, as this one can be moved from room to room. This could very well save you from a few additional headaches.

Finally, and many people would agree that this is the most important issue, it is far cheaper than a central air conditioner unit (in the long run). For people who raise their eyebrows when seeing the cost of standard air conditioners, this could be just the thing.


It is noisier. Did you hear what I just said? Noisier, yes. For persons who can do nothing without their peace and quiet moments, stay away! Also, the hot air is vented outside via a pipe or the door.

As far as the energy consumption goes, the systems are both around the same values, but you can get more energy efficiency values. Generally speaking, if you pay more for a portable air conditioner, it will significantly drop the amount of your bills, so it could prove to be a very successful deal in the end.

Portable air conditioners also offer other features, like washable filters, carbon filters, digital timers, remote controls, etc. When you decide to buy one, a representative from your local company will make you a visit and recommend you one product or another.

Finally, it also depends on the area you are living in. For example, think about the number of days/year in which you have to go through scorching heats outside. If that number is big, then you are probably better off with a standard air conditioner. But if, for example, you are living in a temperate climate area, a portable air conditioner might just be the best option for you.


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