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Container Flower Gardening

If you are like most people the pleasure of seeing fresh, vibrant and colorful blooms is one of the greatest delights of both the spring and summer seasons.

You don't need to be a gardening expert to produce your own. Anyone can plant, grow, and enjoy their own pleasurable flower garden regardless of where they live. It doesn't have to take up a lot of time consuming nor does it need to take up a lot of space.

The solution for those who want the joys of a real garden without a lot of the maintenance is container flower gardening.

You can choose the type and colors of flowers to suit your own taste and the size and type of containers to suit the free space you have available.

It becomes simple to transform a dull patio, decking area, balcony or even a window sill into a work of art.

Start by deciding what type of containers you want to use. This is largely determined by the area that you intend to use for your container garden. Some typical types of container are ceramic pots, wooden barrels, or plastic containers.

All containers must have adequate drainage to stop your plants ending up soaked and over watered. Remember also that the roots will need to grow so the containers should allow room for that. You can always transfer from container to container as the flowers grow if you wish.

Quick Fact:
Container gardening refers to more than just simple containers - it can mean window boxes, hanging baskets or standard plant pots.

Once you've decided on your container - next you are going to need some soil. Choose a good, high quality potting soil that you can pick up from your gardening supplies store. Look for one with vermiculite added in for correct drainage and moisture levels. When repotting newly sprouted flowers from the plastic tray to the container use a granular type fertilizer to help assist growth.

So you've got your container and your soil, next you need some flowers. The choice here again is your own but its good to vary the heights and colors of your flower selection. You can choose colors that complement each other well.

Container flower gardening allows you to use your own flair and creativity and is a big part of the satisfaction of the hobby.

Your local gardening supply store personnel could be a good resource for choosing which flowers to use and how to place them.

Finally some other important things to bear in mind for keeping your container flower gardening healthy. It will need the right amount of sunlight and water. This will vary depending on the type of flowers - make sure you read the information that comes with your flower seedlings.

Container flower gardening is a relaxing and rewarding hobby with long term satisfaction and can be used to greatly enhance any home.


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