love homemade face scrubs! They remove the actual itchy, flaky and unclean layer of your skin that turns vibrant and smooth--your skin feel refreshed. Do it twice a week and you will enjoy a constant smooth, healthy skin. I'll also mention a couple of homemade body scrubs.

What's a scrub?

Scrubs, exfoliators, or exfoliating scrubs--they basically mean the same; an agent that gently removes the outer layer of your pores and skin. A scrub is a deeper cleanse than using cleansers, toners or even soaps. The result is not only a smooth skin but scrubs also stimulate blood flow, skin rejuvenation and revive the natural glow of your skin. Scrubs is most effective on clean skin; a body scrub after a bath or bath is prefect.

Begin with your feet and with slow circular motions work the body up to your shoulders. A body scrub often rubs the skin greater than a face scrub so use a gentler scrub for your face than the body.

Avoid irritating your skin

Face scrubs can be used twice a week but body scrubs only twice a month for those who have normal skin. If you have sensitive skin like me, avoid rubbing the skin too hard. I've seen that if I rub my skin too hard or too often it causes skin irritation and this can be a reminder to treat your skin gentler. You don't always notice immediately if you're rubbing too much; sometimes your skin will show signs of irritation only after a couple of hours.

Why can I do a face scrub twice a week but a body scrub only twice per month? One reason is that your face is under attack all day time long from dirt particles, environmental toxins, UV radiation and more. This is why you ought to revive your delicate facial skin more often. Your body is more protected under layers of clothes for the majority of the year.

Scrubs containing oils

A vegetable oil like extra virgin essential olive oil will make your scrub easier to use--oil makes your scrub milder and lessen skin friction. It means that your skin doesn't obtain irritated as easy. Oil also protects your skin and makes this smoother.

Prepare a milder face scrub

Oat flour and almond flour tend to be both gentle and contain healthy oils. If you have oily skin you can test kaolin clay instead. Mix equal parts oat flour, honey, almond flour. Add yogurt before you get the consistency you like. Wet your face and gently therapeutic massage the mix with circular motions. Leave it on for a short while and rinse.

Algae and kelp

Algae and kelp are often utilized in spa treatments and are good for aged skin. Put the dry algae or kelp in water for some time before use. They contain minerals and salt that makes for the gentle scrub.

Body scrubs with salt

Salt is excellent in entire body scrubs. Just be aware that salt dries out your skin and to balance this you need to use a moisturizer or oil after you rinsed the scrub off. A simple salt scrub is by using a gentle soap that creates a foam on your skin. As the foam is still on your skin gently gently massage your pores and skin with salt and rinse it off. And again, be sure to utilize a moisturizer. If you mix salt with olive oil or rapeseed oil it becomes less irritating and doesn't dry out your skin as much. Try extra virgin coconut oil following this scrub--it's wonderful for the skin and smells great.