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Top 5 Tips On How To Grill Chicken?

Chicken is a favorite worldwide and my favorite too. I am head over heels in love with the chicken. Grilled chicken I can say would be right on top in my list of favorite chicken recipes. Being a health enthusiast I just love the idea of tasty succulent chicken cooked to perfection and that too with hardly any oil or fat.

Grilled chicken can be a wonderful treat - tasty and healthy. Grilled chicken uses very little oil or fat and thus, is a healthy choice. On a diet, grilled chicken can be one that you would love to have on your plate without feeling the guilt.

If you love cooking outdoors, then the grilled chicken is a wonderful choice for your outdoor cooking menu. Have friends over for a fun grilling session, nothing like it for a great weekend party. Let's get started on a great grilling session. It is simple with just a few must remember tips you would have a juicy succulent chicken that you would love to just go on and on with.

1-You could grill the chicken either whole, chicken breasts or in small pieces. The smaller the pieces the faster it will cook, that's plain simple cooking logic. Cooking the chicken well from the inside (without burning the outside) is the trick to great grilling.

2-Clean the chicken well, remove the giblets. Wash and pat dry all set to moving to the next stage of marinating or the dry rub. There are hundreds of variations possible with the marinade or the dry rub and so here your taste buds work as the best indicators or guide. You can try anything from a simple seasoning of salt, pepper and herbs to a complicated and tasty marinades or rubs. The whole process is getting me hungry.

3-If you wish to marinate your chicken, do so well in advance so that all the flavors go deep into the layers of your chicken. Marinate the chicken and refrigerate for atleast 6-8 hours or better still overnight. Marinating the chicken is a good idea to make your chicken more flavorful. If the chicken is marinated, drain the extra marinade before placing the chicken on the grill.

4-If you do not wish to marinate your chicken, using a dry rub is a good idea to make it a flavorful experience. Dry rubs again, could be of many kinds and so go in for the recipe that suits your taste. Smear the rub well all over the chicken. A homemade rub would be definitely a better choice however, if you are really short on time there is wide range available in your local supermarket.

5-Get your grill going. Rub the grill with oil so that your chicken does not stick on to it. The grill should be nice and hot before the chicken is placed over it. However, do not grill the chicken directly on the coals. The breast side should be placed on the grill (the fleshy portion first). Cook till it turns golden brown.

Cut a small piece from the chicken - the juices should run clear and the flesh should be white rather than the reddish color of raw meat. Using barbecue sauce or the remaining marinade for basting is a good idea. However, ensure that you do it only towards the end of the grilling session once the chicken is almost done. Enjoy a wonderful time at the grill!!


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