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Uplift your Rooms with these Low Cost Decor Ideas

Does your house look duller to you with every passing day? If yes, here are some ideas to revamp it and have all your friends complementing you on the new look.

If you stick with most of these ideas, your house will have gone through a complete overhaul by the end of the weekend! Even more exciting is that you do not have to rob a bank to meet the cost of the make over. All the materials needed are within the household budget; with some already in the house.

We'll begin with the larger tasks and follow through with the smaller, easier ones.

Paint a wall

Repainting one wall in the room is enough to give the room a fresh look. Choose one wall and paint it in a shade chosen from the room's color scheme. It will brighten and become the new focal point.

You can create a whole new look by changing the placement of your furniture. This applies mostly to the living room. Place the sofas in such a way that they convey warmth and openness. If you cram them together, they will look closed up and uninviting. Such a plan will also make the room look small. Whatever you do, do not push furniture against the wall.

Often times, moving the furniture creates a totally different look in the room. Form an open setting with the sofas, one that looks inviting and would encourage conversation among guests. Avoid pushing furniture to the wall. Leave some space to allow for passage and a few accessories if need be. To enhance your new setting, buy an area rug that complements the colors used in the room. If the furniture furnishings are in a solid color, choose a floral rug with a rich design to break of the monotony of single-color use. If you have a table in the room, do not choose a rug with a central design as it will be covered by the table anyway. If your upholstery is floral or patterned, choose a rug in solid color. Black rugs will neutralize the room if you've used very bright colors. Blue rugs are also great.

Dining chair magic

If your dining chairs are unused most of the time, consider using a couple of them to prop the sofa or console table. They will be like sentries. You can also place one chair by the dresser. If your living room is big and largely empty, these chairs will fill up some of that space so it looks well coordinated.

Define a Cozier Space:

Use screens to break up the room into cozy spaces. Plants will work well too. You can also divide spaces using area rugs. Spread a modern area rug at the centre and a colored Flokati rug on each screen area. Of course the number of cozy zones you can create will depend on the size of your room. If your room is more on the small scale, one zone is enough. Define the area with a settee or sofa, and plenty of cushions. These are spaces where you can have a quiet conversation or just relax.

Break up the Matched Sets:

Many home decorators ditch the matching pair of pillows from their sofas right away. If you haven't, now's the time to move up to pillows filled with down and covered in fabulous fabrics. Don't be afraid to mix up patterns; that's what makes life interesting.

Craft a Collection:

What common elements can you find among your household decorations? Cobalt blue pitchers, silver picture frames, porcelain figurines? Whatever their common quality is, you can craft a fascinating tabletop collection in moments by grouping these items together in odd numbers. The fun part of this suggestion is that these collections can change frequently, which will give ho-hum rooms a fresh look on a regular basis.


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